Wasatch Mountains, UT Report: A Gorgeous Couloir in Powder Snow in a Graupel Storm

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Ben slash. image: snowbrains

Report from March 24th, 2020

***NOTE:  We are sheltered in place and skiing only our immediate local area while staying 10+ feet away from our ski partners & everyone at all times, driving separately, not hanging out anywhere/anytime, avoiding all busy locations, skiing cautiously, & following all local and federal regulations.

Yesterday, we skied a gorgeous couloir in powder snow the Wasatch Mountains, UT.

The snow was great, it had just started to snow that morning, and it had accumulated about 4-6″ of new snow by the time we skied.

It was snowing like crazy while we were out there with rapidly changing avalanche conditions.

As we were hiking up, graupel snow was raining down the couloir making a beautiful hissing sound (see video below).

This graupel really reminded us of our time in Zebra Couloir on Mt. Emerson, CA last June:

Special thanks to our very strong backcountry partner, Ben.

Ben grinding. image: snowbrains

Please be safe this week in the Wasatch.

We skied very locally, we never got within 10’ of each other nor anyone else, we skied conservatively, we did not hang out anywhere, we drove separately, we followed local and federal regulations. 

Stay healthy.

Avalanche Conditions:

image: utah avalanche center, 3/25/20


image: noaa, 3/25/20


Miles slash. image: Ben
Ben charging up. image: snowbrains

Happy Miles. image: Ben

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  1. If you want to discourage travel to backcountry zones, you can’t keep posting backcountry reports. Your articles go out nationwide, it can’t go both ways. It’s 50 degrees and raining here in the east, this report is probably tempting to thousands of readers. If I had skins and could teleport to Salt Lake City, I would.

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