Wasatch Mts, UT Backcountry Report: 1 Incredible, Long Run In Funky, Fun Snow

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Report from February 4th, 2020

Brought to you by Alpenglow Expeditions

I awoke to -4ºF temperatures and bluebird skies.

I’m from California.

-4ºF is terrifying…

My favorite tree in the Wasatch. image: snowbrains

So I slept in, procrastinated, and came up with excuses why not to ski today.

Then, Greggy motivated me, the sunshine motivated, the 8″ of new snow motivated me.

I left the house at 11am hoping that was enough time to warm things up a bit.

The big mountains. image: snowbrains

Our plan was simple:  stay in the sun, do not touch the shadows…

It worked.

In the sun, it was fine.

Hidden tracks. image: snowbrains

Single digits were ok the whole day.  

At the top, we even had to sit around and wait for some fog to clear and even then we didn’t get cold.

It was an absolutely great day out there.

Contrast. image: snowbrains

The high temp was reportedly only 7ºF and it was ok, even for this California boy.  

The skiing was funky.

The snow was wind-pressed, punchy, dust-on-crusty at times, but fun.

Greggy smiles. image: snowbrains

We ripped one big, long, gorgeous run.

We weren’t sure this particular spiney, nosey thing went all the way through, but we found out that it does.

We can’t wait to come back and ski it straight through with speed.

Track. image: snowbrains

We’re off to Jackson Hole, WY and we can’t wait.

It’s been a wild week here in Utah and Nevada.

Thanks, Utah.

Greggy smiles more. image: snowbrains

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