Wasatch Mts, UT Backcountry Report: Mt. Superior In A Whiteout

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Report from January 28th, 2020

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I skied Mt. Superior, UT yesterday.

The walk up was nice since the ridge is very filled in now and you can skin most of it.

The visibility was bad.

Ryan & Dustin on the hike up Superior. image: snowbrains

I met up with Ryan & Dustin on the hike.

Ryan guided us.

We dropped into a whiteout.

Mt. Superior in the fog. image: snowbrains

A few turns in, we found the avalanche we’d seen from the car driving up.

We skied the steep terrain in the avalanche path to avoid starting a new avalanche.

I ski cut a small zone that was where the steep zone met the less steep zone and it fractured about 12″ deep and popped off a small slab that was about 25′ wide and 20′ long and it didn’t run far.

Cardiff Pass. image: snowbrains

Once out of the steep terrain, we let ‘er rip!

The snow on skiers left was sun cooked.

The snow on skiers right was better.

Views from the hike up. image: snowbrains

None of the snow was that great, but it was all fun.

It was neat to ski two “50 Classic Descents of North America” in 2-days after skiing “Terminal Cancer Couloir” in the Ruby Mountains the previous day.

Mt. Superior, UT from the road yesterday. image: snowbrains

Here is a report from New Year’s Eve 2019 of Mt. Superior in the sunshine:

Mt. Superior, UT from the road yesterday. image: snowbrains
Dustin about to drop into “The Nothing”. image: snowbrains

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