Wasatch Mts, UT Backcountry Report: The Hallway to Little Superior Powder

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Report from December 30th, 2019

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On Monday, my buddy Jamie & I walked into a fog layer in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT.

It was cold.


Near the top of the ridge, the sun started to poke out.

By the time we got to our line, the sun was making more frequent appearances.

We dropped into a popular chute that was tracked out and moguled.

Jamie playing with the light. image: snowbrains

As soon a the rock walls allowed, we cut out of the chute and into a glory field of fluffy, untouched, cold powder.

The snow was perfect.

We hooted.

Jamie in the upper Hallway. image: snowbrains

We climbed up the mountain again.

We talked about life.

We traversed the ridge to a zone we’d skied last week.

Little Superior. image: snowbrains

The snow was phenomenal.

We skied a rib of snow to a nosey spiney thing.

We were stoked.

Jamie ridgewalking. image: snowbrains

We didn’t truly know what to expect when we walked out on Monday.

We went home with smiles on our faces.


Evidence. image: snowbrains
Jamie on the final turn of Little Superior. image: snowbrains
Jamie up top. image: snowbrains

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