Wasatch Mts, UT Backcountry Report: The Wiggle Chute

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 Report from January 31st, 2020

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We noticed an unskied chute while walking around the Wasatch yesterday.

We’d never seen tracks in it before.

Today, we went to go ski it.

The snow yesterday was good, deep powder.

Gorgeous. image: snowbrains

Today, the snow had changed via strong overnight winds and warm temperatures today.

The snow was a bit tough today, was not deep, and was crusty in spots.

The chute (we’re calling it the Wiggle Chute) is a 2-stage/dogleg chute.

Up track. image: snowbrains

It was fun, the snow was tough in spots, and it was satisfying.

After the Wiggle Chute, we skied a fun open zone back to the car.

It was nice to have a mellow day today after the intense day we had yesterday.

Terrain. image: snowbrains
Apres ski. image: snowbrains

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