Wasatch Mts, UT Report: Mt. Superior Extreme Skiing? | 4 Runs on Superior in 5-Days

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Report from January 20, 2021

Yesterday, I hiked up and skied down 11,045′ Mt. Superior, UT for the 4th time in 5-days.

A fun little project & I learned a ton.

I had my eye on a steep, tricky line yesterday that I’d scoped from below that I was hoping wasn’t too steep nor too tricky.

I was tired on way up – dragging…

My 4 runs on Mt. Superior in the past 5-days. #4 being the run in this report right now. image: snowbrains

I kept my head down and made good time and was pumped to top out in the bright sunshine.

My drop-in point didn’t look too ominous but I knew it was a bit of a no-fall-zone.

Extreme skiing?  

Maybe not, but you definitely didn’t wanna fall here…

The first 7 turns were pretty good.

Summit selfie with Monte Cristo looking wind-scoured and Salt Lake Valley in the background. image: snowbrains

The snow was punchy, but you could overpower it and the steepness made turn transitions quick and easy.

Then, the aspect changed a bit, the snow changed for the worse and things got tight and rocky and it was definitely a no-fall zone.

I hop turned and shuffled and threw a kick turn and got through the mini dogleg no-fall section to the next chute and the snow was better in this 2nd chute.

Looking down my line from the top. image: snowbrains

7 good snow turns before things became icy and punchy and tight again.

I had to pull over to let my sluff go by.

From there it was consistently bad but manageable snow down and through the 3rd chute and onto the middle apron.

The middle apron still held some decent pow up top and crunchy, predictable snow down low.

Quick ride back up the hill to the car. image: snowbrains

The lower apron still had some powder on east-facing aspects and honestly, these were the best turns of the whole run!

I didn’t see any avalanches nor signs of instability out there yesterday.

The forecast is looking good for a big storm this weekend.

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image: UAC, 1/20/21

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image: noaa, 1/20/21


Monte Cristo and Salt Lake Valley. image: snowbrains
Pinball Alley that I tried to ski 2 days ago. image: snowbrains
Looking back down the east ridge hike. image: snowbrains
Snowbird. image: snowbrains
Looking up to summit on hike up. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior in the afternoon. image: snowbrains
Mt. Superior in the morning. image: snowbrains
My line yesterday. image: snowbrains

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