Wasatch Mts, UT Report: Mt. Superior South Face | 2nd Day in a Row

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Report from Saturday, January 16, 2021

2 days ago, we hiked up and skied 11,045′ Mt. Superior’s south face and it was an unexpected treat after a freakish little 2-4″ storm made the skiing great up high.

Yesterday, I strode right back up there for another dose of Superior’s south face, and this time I skied a touch more skier’s right and used the skier’s right exit of the upper apron.

2 days ago, we were the only ones to summit Superior, on a Saturday, on a holiday weekend – it almost felt eerie…

My line down Superior yesterday. image: snowbrains

Yesterday, by 9:30am there were at least 5 new tracks up on Superior – ahhh, back to normal in the Wasatch.

Yet, no one had yet skied the skier’s right side of the mountain, so I was pumped to get up there.

I ended up skiing the same run that avalanched on me on Jan 30, 2020 so I was a bit apprehensive (check out how much more snow there was this time last year in this link).

My line from 2 days ago. image: snowbrains

The upper turns were fast and fun and a bit rocky…

The exit chute off the first apron held rough, icy, punchy snow.

The middle apron was smooth, buttery, and powdery.

Looking down my line. image: snowbrains

The lower apron was hot pow/cooked pow/a-bit-sticky-but-still-fun.

I was pretty pumped back at the road.

This was my first time skiing Superior twice in two days and both days were an absolute blast.

Monte Cristo & SLC. image: snowbrains

The hike up the East Ridge is extra spicy right now with some real consequence due to the low snow levels.

The Salt Lake area is sitting at 52% of average snowpack to date.

It’s still boney out there so please be careful.

I didn’t see any signs of avalanches nor avalanche activity out there yesterday but persistent weak layers still linger.

Contrasts. image: snowbrains

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image: UAC, 1/17/21

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Zebra stripes. image: snowbrains
Snowbird. image: snowbrains
Tiger stripes. image: snowbrains
Up. image: snowbrains
Snowbird, UT. image: snowbrains
Looking back down the bootpack. image: snowbrains
Upper Superior. image: snowbrains

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