WATCH: Legs of Steel “121” With Friends and Win Skis!

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backcountry jump
Colter Hinchliffe sending! Credit: Legs of Steel

Watch: Legs Of Steel 121

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The new Legs of Steel Movie “121” is a fantastic short ski film that highlights some of the best aspects of what the new Volkl Revolt 121 can do! FULL DISCLOSURE: I got my hands on this film from an Instagram contest and thought it was too good not to share with everyone. If you host a showing of the movie and post about it on Instagram with the hastags, you are in the running for a pair of Volkl Revolt skis! When I first got it, I really had no idea what was in store. Some questions running through my head were, “Was this film just a big promotional for Volkl’s new Revolt 121 ski?” or “I wonder what type of skiing will be showcased in this film?” or “Will this thing be any good at all?”. I can definitively say this film is one to pull up the next time your friend asks if you want to watch anything skiing related.

backcountry jump
Markus Eder going huge in the backcountry! Credit: Legs of Steel

Backcountry Jib Scene: 6/10 – While it is unquestionably inspiring to watch these guys hit a wedge in the backcountry, this was probably the scene that I could live without. The Legs of Steel crew is known for going HUGE. I cast my mind back to “Passenger” or that massive wedge in “Same Difference”. Overall, this segment was cool but served as a “warmer upper” to what the rest of the film had to offer. A favorite part had to be Paddy Graham air mailing a double backflip.

Japan Powder skiing
Ahmet Dadali skiing in Kiroro. Credit: Legs of Steel

Japan Pow Scene: 9/10 – I think this was one of the strongest parts of the movie by far. Have you ever had that powder skiing dream where you feel like you are floating? Mix in slow pan shots, unfathomable snow going over the head the whole way down, Japanese landscapes, and artsy b-roll, and you have a surreal experience. Favorite part was the slow pan shot of Tanner Rainville floating through a flooded Japanese forest of powder.

Swiss Backcountry Skiing
Tom Ritsch and Tanner Rainville looking at some sweet Swiss backcountry skiing! Credit: Legs of Steel

Swiss Backcountry Scene: 8/10 – This is another strong segment in my opinion because of the mix of terrain and tricks. Spines, arets, big airs, avalanches, and fast skiing. All of this equates to entertainment in my brain. The best part was when Colter Hinchliffe aired into that couloir and straight-lined it out. Honorable mention goes to the b-roll scene of Markus Eder winning the FWT and that backflip on Bec de Rosses.

Powder Skiing
Tom Ritsch needs wiper blades! Credit: Legs of Steel

Crash Segment: 10/10 –  By far this was the most entertaining scene. I love crash and bail scenes. Not where people get hurt, hit urban features, bleeding everywhere, and have to go to the hospital. Watching people crash in powder after trying to double cork anything is flat out awesome. It gets boring watching people stop tricks sometimes, ya know? The best scene was everyone crashing; there wasn’t a bad one!

Revolt 121 Ski
Colter Hinchliffe holding the new Volkl Revolt 121 ski. Credit: Legs of Steel

Transition Shots: 10/10 – One feature that cannot be denied acknowledgment are the scenes between segments where people are square in the frame and tossing the ski to each other. Not only is this fantastic camera work, but nicely ties the narrative of the Revolt 121 ski into the piece without it being overbearing. The one commonality between all skiers is the ski they are on and the transition shot was an ingenious way of highlighting that shared relationship.

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