Indoor Wave Park Opening In The Outskirts Of Seattle

Matt Brennan |
Wave Park
The new wave park will feature new technology, similar to the one seen here in Mission Beach, CA. Image: Eat Drink Sleep

The PNW will be the new home of an indoor wave park, with plans for a summer 2018 opening. The facility will be located about 30 minutes from Seattle and will feature a 33 foot wide pool!

Maker CitySurf Seattle explains the technology – 

The Rogue Wave™ is a standing, deep-water wave, similar to a river wave or the wave produced by a wakeboat. The difference is that the sweet spot is 33-feet wide and adjustable up to 5-feet plus. A pillow of water cushions the fall.

You can use a real surfboard, bodyboard, paddleboard or kayak…GET READY to SURF!!!

Sounds dope!

Wave Park
Early concept of the CitySurf facility. Image:

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