Western U.S. Snowpacks All Near, At, or Above Average Right Now

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image: noaa, yesterday
image: noaa, yesterday


  • Lake Tahoe, CA ski resorts = 133% of average

  • Colorado ski resorts = 120-112% of average

  • Salt Lake City, UT ski resort = 106% of average

  • Central Oregon ski resorts = 106% of average

  • Washington ski resorts = all around 100% of average

  • Wyoming ski resorts = 96% of average

image:  nws, today
image: nws, today

NOAA has drawn a line in the sand (see top image).

“Across this line, you do not…” – Walter Sobchek (The Big Lebowski)

Above the line drawn above, you’ll find locations that are experiencing below average snowpacks. Below the line drawn above, you’ll find above average snowpacks.

As far as ski country in the West goes, line above isn’t very practical since nearly all ski locations are experiencing near average or above average snowpacks right now. 

image:  noaa, today
image: noaa, today

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