Current Westwide Snowpack More Than 3000% of Normal in Some Areas

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The westwide snowpack. Credit: NWS

Late season snow in April and May was awesome for skiers and riders, allowing a number of ski areas to extend their seasons and keep the stoke going.

Following the dry start to the year it was no more than we deserved, right?!

The impact of that snow can be seen in the current snowpack figures across the west. With the exception of Colorado, Utah, California, and Nevada, all other states are reporting statewide snowpacks at least double the average for this time of year. Great news for backcountry enthusiasts.

The PNW has areas with snowpack at least 300% of normal.

Idaho has areas where the snowpack is over 2000% of normal, and a number of areas over 1000% of normal.

Northern Wyoming is currently at more than 3000% of normal for this time of year.

On the other side, southwestern Colorado, half of Utah, and the Tahoe area of California are all less than half of their average snowpacks for this time of year. Not great news for the upcoming summer.

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3 thoughts on “Current Westwide Snowpack More Than 3000% of Normal in Some Areas

  1. The writer of this article needs to learn math.100% = average. 300% = 3 times average. 2000%=20 x average, 3000% = 30 x average.

  2. BC ģot hammered with snow the spring as well, with a province wide average of 165% of norm snowpack as of early June. Somw “snotel equiv” sites and backcountry operators are reporting in the 750-800″ snowfall range (and counting!).

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