What Is Happening in Corralco, Chile? An Interview With the CEO

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CEO, Corralco, Chile
Lonquimay Volcano, Corralco, La Araucanía, Chile Credit: ChileanSki

What Is Happening in Corralco, Chile? An Interview With the CEO. Chile remains in quarantine and with the borders closed, however, the Araucanía, Chile continues the initial opening phase and has the Ski Resort at maximum capacity!

Nevasport Chile interviewed Jimmy Ackerson, CEO of Corralco, exclusively a couple of days ago to catch up about the opening of the Ski Resort and its operation after a week of opening to the public. 

CEO, Corralco
Entrance control to Ski Resort Corralco. Credit: NevaSport

Few days have passed since it opened, what can you tell us?

We have been operating for a week and the first weekend was like a sort of white march, with 350 people every day.

Everything worked and it has worked very well, from our entry protocol for the Ski Resort to the respect for social distancing. Only people who have a QR code can enter after filling out the application on our website due to capacity is limited. The distancing begins in-vehicle parking lots, where each vehicle is quite a distance from each other.

People have behaved?

People are very comprehensive and tolerant of all these measures, and the vast majority respects all precautions, especially with the use of masks. In the lifts is the same story, people have responded really well and understanding to the measures. It helps the snow to be sensational and we have a lot!

CEO, Corralco, Chile
Corralco June 2018. Photo by Tito Ossandon Tartakowsky. Credit: Lugaresdenieve

Does the maximum capacity allowed seem to fill up earlier than projected?

Yes, last weekend, already on Friday at 11 in the morning we had fully sold for both days. The maximum capacity allowed is 700 people each day and this is what we complete per day. So we are happy with the influx of people given the current conditions.

In what condition is the Ski Resort?

We have all the lifts operational, with 2,854 feet of vertical with sensational snow and lots of it. Today was a great day and I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good. The conditions in the backcountry, as on the groomed slopes are spectacular.

Until when is the season projected?

As the last years have been, we initially wait until the end of October, beginning of November, but with so much accumulated loss this year, it is something that will be monitored daily.

You can find the complete interview at NevaSport Chile.

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