Where in the World Are All the Ski Resorts?

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Credit: pixabay.com

There are over 6,000 ski resorts in the world. Some skiers and snowboarders have been all over the world to explore them; however, many have only visited a few. This map visually represents where all the resorts are in the world. Take a look.

world map
Ski resorts of the world. Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Some Observations

There is a ski resort on every continent except Antarctica. As expected, most ski resorts are in developed countries. They are naturally geographically located either further up in the northern hemisphere or further down in the southern hemisphere to take advantage of colder temperatures. But not all.

Africa has a few areas both in the far north and south. There was a ski area near the equator in Bolivia, but it appears the glaciers on the almost 18,000-foot peak are no longer there, and skiing is defunct.

Overall, most of the planet does not have close-by ski areas. Although there is snow in many places, people can still ski in other ways outside of a resort.

Alaska may not have abundant ski resorts, but the skiing opportunities are endless. Credit: SnowBrains

Large clusters

Some areas have high concentrations of resorts. They include:

  • Europe
  • Japan 
  • Northeast United States

Moderate clusters

These areas have many resorts, just spread out a bit more. They include:

  • Western and the Midwest United States
  • Western and Southeastern Canada
  • Andes region of South America
  • Norway and Sweden
  • New Zealand
resorts, world map
There are many resorts in the US, more clustered in the northeast than in the west. Europe has a high concentration, and there is plenty in Japan for all that powder. Credit: travegeo.com

The extremes of ski resorts

Les 3 Vallées is the biggest ski resort in the world. Credit: www.les3vallees.com/en

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  1. There used to be a rope tow operating at Mcmurdo Station / Scott Base in Antarctica. Certainly in the early 1990’s although I couldn’t say if it’s still there. Not sure that qualifies as a ski resort though

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