While Humans Quarantine, Animals Come Out To Play

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Kruger National Park
Nationwide lockdowns have encouraged wild animals to venture into public areas. Photo credit: Vice

As the coronavirus continues to threaten the world at large, nationwide lockdown and social distancing measures remain in place. While this continues to present struggles for humans around the world, it has presented a unique opportunity for wild animals. With the sudden absence of humans and the associated commotion and sound, wild animals are venturing into urban landscapes.

Taking advantage of deserted streets and parks, animals are curiously exploring their otherwise off-limit areas. However, some of these animals, such as Macaques in Thailand, rely heavily on tourists to feed them. Without their daily food source, they have swarmed the streets searching for food. Additionally, Japanese deer are experiencing the same challenges and have entered neighborhoods in search of food.

Macaques, who rely on tourists for food, swarm the streets of Lopburi, Thailand. Photo credit: Scoop Whoop

Not all of these wild animals are exploring places out of desperation. In Mar del Plata harbor, Argentina, sea lions have been sunbathing on the streets. Goats in Llandudno, Wales have been frolicking the empty streets enjoying the new sights and smells.

While this new way of life presents challenges and unanswered questions, it is hard not to witness the shift in nature. This is an extremely rare and unique time for all of us and one can only hope that we as human beings gain a better understanding of our time on earth and how we are treating it as a whole.

Wild mountain goats explore the streets of Llandudno, Wales. photo credit: Kids News

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