Heli Mountain Biking for Under $200! Whisper Ridge, UT Offers First of Its Kind in the Continental US

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whisper ridge, Utah, Heli-biking, mountain biking
For under $200? Take my money! Credit: Whisper Ridge

Whisper Ridge, the heli-skiing outfit in Utah, has just started taking bookings for their new Heli-Mountain Biking program, the first of its kind in the continental US. Their helicopter assisted mountain biking will have multiple pickup zones allowing you to continue lapping the epic downhill. If you’d prefer to get some pedaling in, you can also ride back to the helipad for a more enduro style of riding, and all at a tiny fraction of the average cost.

Thank you to everyone for all of the incredible stoke on our new Heli-Mountain Biking program! We’re going live with booking and offering a limited discount package available here: This offer introduces our new Summer Heli Passport. With this limited offer, you can buy now for as low as $166, then reserve your Summer ’19 seats at a later date when you know the time is right for your schedule.

whisper ridge, Utah, Heli-biking, mountain biking
First of its kind in the lower 48. Credit: Whisper Ridge

With 70,000 acres of winter terrain, Whisper Ridge is the largest ‘private backcountry ski resort’ in the world, and offer not only heli-trips but also fantastic luxury facilities.

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  • A Heli Charter Day Pass includes access to the Limber Pine Trail, as well as your first heli drop. Additional heli drops can be added on-site at $125 per drop. Six Pack pass holders are entitled to pre-book additional drops at $100 per drop.
  • The Passport is all about flexibility. Pre-purchase your and ride with us anytime this summer or next.
  • The Six Pack is all about flexibility. Grab six of your riding buddies and join us for a day, or ride solo for six days throughout the season at your leisure. It’s especially great for locals, corporate groups or anyone looking for flexibility in the booking. And, it makes a great gift that keeps on giving!
whisper ridge, Utah, Heli-biking, mountain biking
Just look at all that terrain… Credit: Whisper Ridge

It all starts with the Limber Pine Trail:

  • Fresh, tacky, flowy-loam, old growth forest…
  • Cool high-country, shady aspects…
  • Limited to 60 Guests per day…
  • All private access.

Limber Pine Trail is roughly 5.5 miles long with 2,300’ of downhill, with an optional 8 miles and 1,200’ of gain to pedal out. You can either go for one heli drop and pedal back to the yurt at the top of the Powder Mountain MTB trail system or spin multiple top to bottom downhill laps with heli bumps, then either pedal or heli out. They are also in the process of building another trail that will offer a full 3k vert downhill. The Limber Pine trail is pretty moderate but it has offshoots that offer more technical options and a few features.

whisper ridge, Utah, Heli-biking, mountain biking
Sign me up! Credit: Whisper Ridge

List price is $198 for the initial drop then $125 for each additional drop. The passport lets you book the initial drop at $175 and add on additional drops for $100 each.

There’s nothing better than high alpine singletrack. Go and get in the heli and enjoy as much riding as you can handle!

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