Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Pillows, Pillows, Pillows…

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The above video pretty much sums up this last week in Whistler.

We have had a heck of a week up here in Whistler.  This storm has definitely left its mark on the terrain here in Whistler and the Alpine is looking so good!  With 150cm over the past 7 days and another 20-30cm over the weekend things cannot get much better.  I think that within this past week I have had some of my better powder days I have had in a year or two.  And today was pretty insane.

glacier top
Top of Glacier Chair looking pretty filled in and deep!

Glacier and 7th Heaven opened up today on Blackcomb and the alpine skiing was unreal.  Fresh, deep snow was pretty hard not to find during the day.  Winds have been fairly high throughout this storm system so some zones are definitely more wind loaded than others but was pretty hard to go wrong today.

Hike over to Chimney and looking out over Blackcomb.  Was almost too good to take photos up there today.
Some POV from the other day popping some pillows

Coming into the weekend you can expect this system to grow until about Sunday and then dissipate.  With this you can expect higher winds and we will see what they are able to open up.  Either way though, freezing levels have been low over the last couple days and we can expect the snow to stay good up until about 1000m during the storm.  For more on the forecast see below:



snow report



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