Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Pow Skiing Continues

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corner pocket
Lining up Corner Pocket on Tuesday. This day was crazy good.

The last three days in Whistler have been pretty awesome.  On Monday the resort got buffed out by wind making everything up high on Whistler ski like it was fresh powder.  Then that night we were hit with a solid amount of snow, and some partly cloudy skies for Tuesday.  Tuesday was the day to get after it and people for sure did.  In the morning it was a bit crowded, but by the afternoon the crowds had left and you were able to roll right onto the chair.  By the afternoon, on the slopes directly facing the sun the snow got a bit warm and heavy but the majority of it stayed cold and really good to ride.

harmony waterfall
Harmony waterfall was looking filled in and had a few hits in it.

On Wednesday the next storm system started to roll in.  Visibility was poor for most of the day, however if you stayed in the trees up high the snow was still soft.  Lower down on the mountain, below Peak Chair and most of the way down Harmony, the snow was definitely warm and clumping up a bit.

Peak chair
Peak chair was good to us over the last few days.

Overall, there was a lot of good snow to ride over the last few days.  This next storm is cooling off and should be delivering the goods throughout this week and into the weekend.  Stoked to say that the last few days of riding were the best of the season for me so far, and excited to see what this new storm delivers.


Photo Tour:

tree air
Was definitely time to get in the air with these primo conditions. Conor MacDonald throwing in a nice shifty as well.
peak cirque
Looking up at Whistler’s Cirque
west cirque
Looking out from West Cirque towards Doom & Gloom area
Photo from the Rutherford on Tuesday for any sledders out there



snow totals



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