Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: Snow and Cold Weather Continues

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Some hidden spots held the goods all day long on Blackcomb

It was another snowy and cold weekend in Whistler.  Saturday morning was partly cloudy and the resort had some new snow.  We lapped peak chair until midday, when the weather started to come.  Since midday Saturday until Sunday night it has been consistently snowing in the Whistler Valley.  It has been very cold in Whistler, by west coast standards, and new snow on Sunday was super light.

lower jersey
Lower Jersey was mostly cut up, but there was some fresh tracks through the boulder fields.

The resort had everything open like the previous week.  The new snow that fell was enough to make things soft again but definitely did not cover tracks from the previous day.  Because the new snow was so light, your skis would easily sink to the hard pack snow just beneath it.  However if you found areas that had not been skied the previous day it was deep and soft all the way through.

Spankey’s had good snow but lower visibility.

We started out the day riding a few Jersey laps.  It was fun, chopped up snow and definitely got the legs warm.  Then we headed up Glacier and hiked over to the Chimney area.  Not to many people had been over here so the snow was pretty good and fresh.  Because this new snow was so light it was like dust and gave way to the rocks and other terrain just beneath it.  There were definitely a few times where I was surprised today.

pow slash
Slashin pow under the Chimney on Blackcomb

At the end of the day we did a few Crystal and Spanky’s laps.  For the last lap I headed over to the trees near 7th Heaven near Yard Sale, which were surprisingly not skied out and held some of the best turns of the day.  Looking into the week it is supposed to clear and get even colder, which will hopefully preserve this good snow we have had so far this season!



Boosting through the trees near 7th Heaven.
7th trees
The trees near 7th Heaven held goods until the end of the day.
upper jersey
Upper Jersey had some good snow throughout the day. A bit chopped up underneath though.






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