Whistler B.C. Conditions Report: What’s Not to Like?

Peter Wentz | | Conditions ReportConditions Report
A lot of powder was had today.

I do not really know how to describe this continuous storm that Whistler seems to be in besides that it is awesome.  Every time I go up it just keeps getting better and better.  Today was probably the best resort day I have had in a couple years.  Low crowds, about 18cm of fresh, and storm rolling in and out all day for refills.  It was honestly pretty silly. 

The clouds and snowfall were in and out all day, definitely picking up towards the afternoon.

I stayed on Blackcomb all day and started off by doing a couple Jersey laps.  Then Glacier chair opened up and after a run on that patrol opened up Spankeys.  There was a bit of a lineup for this first lap but by round two it was still really fresh and not many people were around.  It started to get socked back in around 12:30 so we decided to go check out the trees on 7th Heaven and they were deep and mostly fresh which was amazing for that time of the day.  Finished it off with a run down a variation of Pakalolo which was completely untouched at about 2pm.  On the way out of that we skied through the Jersey trees again and they had pretty much refilled with more pow.

Looking up towards Pakalolo, while people still get fresh turns right under the Glacier chair

As my buddy said “That was the biggest faceshot I have had in while!”  I would like to think that it was just one of those days that just worked out, but it has been consistently like this for a while now.

A different perspective of Spankeys while getting upsidedown.

        Photo Tour:

It was deep in the trees near 7th and not many people were coming over this way.
Spankeys was unreal today. This is just after or first lap.
Crystal had some good snow still to have fun getting back to Glacier chair.  Definitely was a bit more skied out than the other areas.



snow totals





On a side note, I just want to tell everyone to drive safe out there.  I was only a minute behind the accident on Thursday morning and it is pretty scary to see stuff like that happen on a road I drive more than twice a week.  Prayers go out to those friends and families who were influenced by this tragedy.  Stay safe out there and enjoy the holidays!

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