Whistler Blackcomb, BC: More Snow on the Way

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Heavy moisture in the atmosphere will bring snowfall and likely some visibility issues in the week ahead.

Whistler Blackcomb: All signs point to heavy moisture in the mix for the mountain over the next week. Lower elevations can expect rain and slushy conditions near the base. Better to head high  to the upper portion of the mountain where the precipitation will fall in the form of snow.

Snowfall accumulations range as high as 16 inches over the next few days. This will add to the already impressive 211 inches so far this season. The additional moisture will result in heavy conditions in terms of snow quality. From the Whistler Blackcomb web page:


Updated: Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017
A well organized frontal band is extending from the subtropical Pacific northeastward towards the BC coast today and tomorrow. Mild temperatures and moderate to heavy precipitation are expected to push across the region in multiple waves together with strong ridge top winds.

A trailing upper trough will replace the pattern from Thursday onward with cooler air, but the unsettled character of the system will continue to maintain cloud and flurries under reduced winds across the Whistler region.

Snowfall: Up to 16″ tonight through Saturday




Whistler Blackcomb trail map.
Whistler Blackcomb trail map.

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