Whistler-Blackcomb Report: Bluebird Saturday Shred Fest

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In the days leading up to this last weekend, the weather window between spring storms at whistler shifted in our favor.  Saturday and Sunday were projected to have mostly bluebird conditions with a shallow dusting of wet spring pow.


The lower portion of Blackcomb was either overcast or a complete white-out, and the snow was quite possibly the worst sticky wet snow I’ve ever skied.  The upper lifts took a good hour to open after the gondolas started loading people up, so we got stuck skiing the leftover sloppy sludge practicing our face-plant skills.


In order to avoid further slush baths, we decided to head over to 7th Heaven and wait for the good to open up top, though at the time, whether or not the top would actually be that much better than mid mountain seemed debatable.


Once the chair started loading, it was not more than 5 minutes before we rose through the cloud layer and were stunned by the view.  With giant mountains, spring pow, steep lines, and bluebird skies… well, as you can imagine, the day was freaking sick.



It was the first time I’d been to Blackcomb with perfect visibility meaning that all those lines scoped out from previous visits–too gnarly to find in a whiteout–were suddenly easily accessed and promptly slayed.


We pocketed some of the biggest, in-bounds, lines we’ve skied and left with legs that felt like jello.  It was an awesome day to say the least.

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