Whistler Conditions Report: Fresh Powder and Fun Times

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woj pow
It was deep up there today

This morning was awesome up in Whistler.  The recent storm has brought in around 44cm of snow to the mountain making for some of the deepest snow of the year so far.  The weekend was crowded as it was the last weekend of the holiday season.  On Monday the crowds seemed to dissipate a bit, however there were still some lines at the lifts as locals looked to get the goods.

Glacier and Jersey
Glacier and Jersey chairs were fun all day

On Monday, I started the day by doing a couple of Jersey laps.  Things were super fun in the morning as the snow was deep.  This recent storm opened up a lot of terrain on the mountain.  Before this you were still able to go most places, but it would be a little sketchy with rocks and branches still sticking out.  Now though, you can ski everywhere with little worries about catching anything underneath the snow.

Later in the day I headed over to Crystal chair in search of some more good snow.  After doing a lap or two up on Fraggle rock, I went over to CBC.  There were tracks heading that direction the day before so I figured it should be filled in enough to find a way through the lower trees and reach the cat-track out. The snow was definitely good over there and the exits were interesting but manageable.


cbc trees
Was interesting getting into some sections lower down in CBC
mini pillows
Was worth it though to get to some fun mini pillows

Throughout the day temperatures continued to heat up, making for some heavy powder by the afternoon.  The forecast is expecting these warm temperatures to stick around for a while.  If you are heading out into the backcountry, be careful as the avalanche risk is currently high.


snow conditions




avalanche advisory

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