Whistler Conditions Report: Fun Runs and Side-Hits

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This is what the mountain looked like for most of the week. Today though was super sunny.

Since last week in Whistler, not much has happened.  After the rain hit the alpine, it has remained mainly cold on the upper mountain.  The upper mountain has received a couple centimeters of new snow in the past days freshening things up and making for some smooth sections off of Glacier.  I had a good time skiing down the glacier as it remained fairly soft.  A couple runs on Spankey’s was fun as well.  As long as you pieced together the smooth sections and stayed away from the chunder it was pretty fun.  But as soon as came across another track, you would find an ice-sheet and some difficult riding.

Was fun ripping some side hit laps around Crystal chair.

After exploring the upper mountain I decided to stick to the groomers and just do some fun runs, doing side hits and cruising.  Crystal was super fun for this with flowy groomers and tons of side hits.  This is where I spent most of the day.  I did get tempted to try to ski Fraggle rock for one run.  It was not the worst decision as I was one of the first people to cruise through there with the 2cm of new snow however, it was still icy and crusty in some sections making it not necessary to ski again.

Fraggle rock looking interesting with many rocks poking out.

PanoramaView from a nice clear day during the past week

Today was super nice out and sunny, however temperatures still stayed below freezing making for similar riding conditions.  I went into the backcountry on Saturday and found the rain crust to still be pretty prominent and about an inch thick.  Looking at the forecast for later in the week and into the weekend, Whistler is expecting to get 30cm in two days.  This storm should definitely bring some precipitation and freshen things back up for the weekend.  See the details below.



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