Blackcomb, B.C. to Close One Month Early + Whistler Powder Report:

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zack carve
Zack carving out of a nice smooth chute up high on the mountain.

Blackcomb just announced that they will be closing one month earlier this year on April 19th.  Whistler will remain open until May 18th, though, so we’re all good.  The Peak to Peak gondola will close on April 19th.  Whistler has only recieved 185-inches of snowfall this winter.

“We think that Whistler is going to be able to maintain a better ski product for a longer period of time than Blackcomb given the conditions.  (Whistler) being a north-facing mountain, it doesn’t get as much sun as Blackcomb does, so we’re hoping it will last a little longer into May.” – WB mountain operations manager Doug MacFarlane

Nevertheless, the skiing at Whistler is still good.  See below:


This past week has been a mash of snow, rain, freezing levels rising and falling, and clouds.  Up high on the mountain has been the place to be for the entire season and that is still true today.  Sunday was by far the best snow day we have had in a while.  There was over 30 cm of fresh that day with lower freezing levels.  It was snowing in the parking lots for some parts of the day which has not occurred in a hot second.  It was socked in all day so people were sticking to the trees and up high near rocks for visibility.

The top of the t-bar was in the clouds and had low visibility.

Over the night rain continued and freezing levels rose almost to the top of the mountain.  Midday today the top of Peak chair had a temperature of 0 and mid mountain was sitting warm at +3.  Overnight there was about 2cm of fresh snow that fell on top of the 30cm from the previous day.  Whistler was able to open everything today including peak chair and going all the way out to Symphony.

spankeys top
Visibility at the top of Spankeys and the rest of the run was alright, especially once in the rocks

Blackcomb had everything open as well, except for the upper glacier T-bar due to poor visibility up high.  There was a pocket of good visibility between the top of Glacier until tree line.  Once at tree line it started to rain and become a mess with your goggles.  The snow definitely got heavy during this warming.  Fresh snow would be super slow, while skied out patches compacted nicely into fast snow making it a jerky transition from one to the other.

zack tree
Down low things warmed up and roller balls were forming.

Looking towards the end of the week it is going to be a mix of clouds and precipitation until the next storm rolls in on Friday for the weekend crowd.  This next storm is also supposed to be colder and bring lower freezing levels which is awesome to see!



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  1. Hey Reid. That top photo is off of spankeys just a five minute walk after traversing from the top a bit.

  2. That forst picture is not whistler we dont get rock formations like that, it could be outside of boundrys

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