Hometown Mountain Shoutout: Whitefish Mountain Resort, MT – A Hidden Skiing and Snowboarding Oasis

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Photo Credits to Oliver Lund

If you want to escape the exorbitant prices of the big, corporately-owned mountains and experience exceptional winter sports, Whitefish Mountain Resort is the place to be. Located in the Northwest of the “Treasure state,” the resort’s peak is relatively low at 6,817 feet, but don’t let that low elevation fool you; the average snowfall is 320 inches over a  five-year average, and the average temperature is a 24.5℉ which is cold, but comfortable.

Whitefish Resort offers 3,000 acres of pristine Montana cold smoke skiing, there are 111 marked runs, with the majority being black diamond, so If you are an adrenaline junkie, this place is just for you! Alternatively, if you are hitting the slopes with your family, the mountain is broken up for all different skill levels. 12% are beginner runs, 37% are intermediate, and 44% are black diamond, with the remaining 7% being hair-raising double-black diamonds.

Escaping the sky-high prices of the big resorts is hard to come by, but Whitefish has other plans for your wallet. For a one-day lift ticket for an adult (ages 19-64), you will pay $89. For teens (ages 13-18) is $76. If you are a senior (ages 65-69), it costs $76. Or, if you are super senior (70+), you will only pay $29 for a day pass! When skiing this mountain, you are greeted by the friendliest lifties out there; they are always there to assist you when needed, but they also like to have some fun. I have fond memories of having friendly snowball fights with the lifties while loading the chairlift. A fun and relaxed connection with the lifties is an underrated benefit when skiing a small-time mountain. 

Photo credit to Oliver Lund

After a hard day of skiing, many of you will want to take that jacket off, drink a beer, and devour a nice warm bowl of soup or other warm digestible. Well, you are in luck because the mountain has a variety of on-mountain dining choices. If you want a midday or apres ski meal, you can head to the Bierstube. The Bierstube is a quintessential ski bar with delectable food and classic ski memorabilia on the wall. As you enjoy your beer, look above the bar, and see my mangled ski perched on the wall like a trophy. That is the ski I stupidly left out on the road during a storm until the snowplow ate it up (I was 10, so cut me some slack). If you are looking for a more sit-down spot, then ski right up to the famous Hellroaring Saloon.

The Hellroaring Saloon offers many different foods, that are splendidly hot and toasty after a cold day on the mountain. The saloon offers an old-time Western feel. Built in 1949, it was the first so-called Northern Rocky Chalet. If you want to get off the mountain and head to the town, Whitefish is just a 15-minute drive from the base lodge. The town Whitefish is the perfect mix of old western vibes intermixed with modern choices, such as high-end rooftop restaurants or dive bars. Whitefish Mountain Resort and the town of Whitefish offer the perfect winter vacation for all you snowaholics. Let it snow!

Credit: Whitefish Mountain Resort

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