Whoa. | Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 Highlight Video

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Park skiing is getting out of hand.  Even is you were completely in the know about every trick in the industry last year, you’ve got a lot to learn about what they’re doing this year.  This clip of the Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 is very impressive.  These kids are going off and making it look clean.  This is likely one of the best park events there is.  It’s simply all about pushing the limits.

We are proud to present you guys the best Highlight Clip in the history of our events. Enjoy the world´s best Freeskiers playing around in the amazing Suzuki Nine Knights presented by GoPro castle at beautiful Livigno, Mottolino Fun Mountain. Also props to our guest Snowboarders Seppe Smits and Sebbe de Buck.

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