Who’s Ready for FASTER Accessed Terrain At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA?

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The base terminal of the new Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows chairlift “Treeline Cirque”. (photo: squawalpine)

Just when we thought Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows couldn’t get any better, a brand new chairlift will grant skiers and riders quicker access to even more dreamy pow lines. The Treeline Cirque, a $10 million detachable, high-speed quad, will transport skiers and riders from the base area to Sherwood ridge in a total of five minutes, where the journey once took 45 minutes or more. Replacing the beloved “Hot Wheels” triple chair, this lift will offer an unload-only mid-station, as well as a 1,300-foot extension up to Sherwood Cliffs Ridge.

Both intermediate and expert terrain will be accessible from the Treeline Cirque chair. Infamous areas such as Art’s Knob, Sherwood Cliffs, and all-terrain offered by the Sherwood Express chair will now be at your disposal. On top of that, the location of this new chair is well protected from high winds, allowing for a higher chance of operations on those rowdy storm days.

Map of Alpine Meadows and the new Treeline Cirque Chair Terminal. (photo: squawalpine.com)

It has been seven years since Squaw Alpine has installed a new chairlift that wasn’t a replacement, the most recent being Big Blue Express in 2012. With the addition of the Treeline Cirque chair, the resort will now have a total of 43 lifts and over 6,000 acres of skiable terrain.

As of November 7th, the construction of the Treeline Cirque is nearly complete! While load tests and inspection are still underway, crews have been hard at work and the lift is on track to open for the 2019/2020 ski season. With a projected opening date for November 15th, skiers and riders are getting fired up for another epic season. Make sure to give your fellow pow shredder a high five while riding the new Treeline Cirque chair!

A recent photo of crews testing the cable splice. (photo: squawalpine)

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6 thoughts on “Who’s Ready for FASTER Accessed Terrain At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, CA?

  1. Just stop the treeline cirque-based bad name madness! SV & AM are one mountain, man – Serving Very Affluent Millennials. First tracks, rats ass! The soul off skiing is being tarnished by the new masses with fat skis everyday and fatatudes of me, me, me… Hey, that lift looks bad ass!

    1. Dumbass
      Cheap lift tickets do exist if you are willing to do a little research.
      Don’t be one of those people who give up and accept squaw valley and alpine meadows as one .
      Have a little Hometown pride .
      The Treeline cirque is a major improvement over Hotwheels , it’s still expert terrain and requires skill to ski and snowboard . Shane Mckonkey skied on fat skis and had more style and soul than most people could ever hope to have .
      Fat skis still require skill to ski on powder,
      99 percent of the people on fat skis don’t have a clue how to ski . Just so you know I am not a millennial and I ski on fat skis so go back to the rock you live under . Progress is the best thing for skiing.

  2. Snowbrains has such little use for facts that you can pretty much count on every article to be incorrect.
    Sensational headlines are the norm , facts don’t matter . Donald Trump has dumbed down America.

  3. 1- It’s Squaw Valley AND Alpine Meadows. Two separate places.
    2- No new lift served terrain, same amount of lifts there has been.
    3- It’s still Hot Wheels.

  4. Its not new terrain, this article is misleading. The mountain will have the same amount of terrain, but more people accessing it, so actually it will get more crowded

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