Why Boarding and 10 Barrel Beer Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

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Enjoying 10 barrel beer on the slopes
Enjoying a cold one on the slopes with friends! credit:10 Barrel Brewing co

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You can’t deny it—for some reason, beer tastes better on the mountain. After an all-time day, there’s nothing like cracking a cold one in the parking lot and reminiscing about the laps. As dedicated riders, we know that a great day on the mountain is something that we wait all year for and is definitely worth celebrating, with 10 Barrel Beer. 

Nothing beats the perfect combination of snowboarding and beer on snow days—some things go better together. 10 Barrel’s beer and the outdoors are a match made in heaven. Most craft beer drinkers are big outdoors people, who 10 Barrel brews are specifically for.

10 Barrel pub beer
Best beer with the best company. credit: 10 Barrel Brewing Co

It’s been a hard season to travel, and many of us have not been able to visit some of our favorite resorts. A skier’s tradition is trying different local beers on tap while traveling, many of which being different 10 barrel beers many resorts offer. If you are fortunate enough to safely visit other resorts this season, try tasting a couple of different brews and keep an eye out for those 10 Barrel special editions! There are plenty of different kinds to try for those sticking to their resort or backcountry and nordic areas as well.

When you head up to the mountain for a ski day, take a different 10 Barrel six-pack and have an afternoon of it! Throw in a couple of chairs and your mini grill and enjoy an afternoon of banter about the previous hours of shredding. Create a fun weekly tradition of apres and pick out your favorite brews for the season along the way! With 10 Barrel, everyone knows the traditional Pub Beer and Crush Sour series, a parking lot classic often spotted, but there are plenty of exclusive names to try all season long.


Enjoy Crush Sour in the snow
Drink a Crush Sour outside! credit: 10 Barrel brewing

The options are not limited to the parking lot at your local resort all season but include the backcountry where the snow is fresh and the beer stays nice and cold. From the Pacific Northwest to the Swiss Alps, an aprés or pocket beer is a staple for many skiers enjoying a day on the slopes. Take in the view at the top of a hard climb or run with a beer made for the occasion. Rippers old and young can agree there’s nothing like earning your turns and your brews. A nice beer snack on the trail is one of the hardest things to beat as a skier or boarder. 

Pub beers are acceptable on all terrain
Pub beer is meant to be enjoyed outside, far and wide. credit: 10 Barrel Brewing

Not only is there the physical toll skiing takes on us, but the adrenaline rush that comes with shredding down a hill that makes the post beer celebration so sweet. Try stashing a couple of cans with you on your next skiing adventure outbounds, and take in the journey, enjoying the day and snow. We all deserve a day out in the woods celebrating a season we’re able to ride: inbounds and out. 

Despite the early end to last season and the itch to get out after it this year for many riders, nordic, skate, and out-of-bounds skiing have brought out the die-hard personality in all of us and reminded us of old snow sports we haven’t really considered in a while. The next day doing some nordic laps, take a couple of beers in your pack, and be sure to keep the calories flowing, both in sweat and hops. There’s no better way to enjoy a beer than in the wilderness solitude, away from the craziness of the season and unnecessary crowds. Try the new Nature Calls Mountain IPA, made for high altitude days, or Profuse Juice, a hazy pale ale for those fresh corduroy laps.


Profuse Juice is one of 10 barrel beers favorite snow drinks
Profuse Juice is always a shredder favorite! credit: 10 Barrel Brewing Co

Keep an eye out for the more difficult ones to find, like Snake Run or Swill, to take up with your close crew on a backcountry adventure. The perfect day deserves the perfect beer, and shredders can’t deny the warmth a brew brings them on a memorable day on the slopes. Finally, let’s not forget the most important beer this season, Pray for Snow, a limited release winter ale, with a bonus of 1% of Pray for Snow profits go-to P.O.W. and keeping winter white. We need all the good karma we can get for a long and endless spring season.

Without the local watering hole running, try enjoying après in the parking lot with your local crew and keeping safe this season by limiting your contacts and keeping your distance —which is nice and easy for skiers. It seems like everyone’s downhill riding legs are getting sturdy, and it’s time to start celebrating the spring snow to come and making the most of every day we get out there. The season is just getting started and should be celebrated!

Cracking a cold 10 barrel beer on the slopes
Don’t forget to pack the essentials for your day on the slopes! credit: 10 Barrel Brewing Co

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