‘State of Emergency’ Declared as Wildfires Blaze Across California

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wildfires, California,
Firefighters in California. Credit: AP

A state of emergency was declared by California Governor Gavin Newsom yesterday, as the serious heatwave that struck the state over the weekend intensified wildfires.  This will make resources available to fight wildfires that are burning throughout the state.

At least 27 fires are blazing right now across the state, including some caused by lightning from a rare summer thunderstorm.

wildfires, california
Current active wildfires in California. Credit: CalFire

The state has been hit with mass power outages due to residents cranking up their air-conditioning units, causing state officials to warn that five million people could lose power in rolling blackouts if homes and businesses don’t scale back their energy use.

Grid operators decided against cutting power to 10 million homes on Monday after residents cut back on their electricity. Outages did begin at 5 pm yesterday as the record-breaking 103F heat pushed the power grid to the brink of collapse. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power said that on Tuesday it recorded the highest electricity demand yet for 2020.

wildfires, heat warnings
Excessive heat warnings through Thursday night. Credit: NOAA

An excessive heat warning is in effect for Los Angeles through 9 pm tonight, when it is expected to be reduced to a heat advisory through Thursday night, forecasters warn. In the Bay Area, an excessive heat warning is in effect through tonight, with very little let up the rest of the week.

* WHAT...Dangerously hot conditions with afternoon highs on
Tuesday 95 to 107. Overnight lows in the 70s to mid 80s.

* WHERE...Central Valley, Delta, foothills, and mountains
southwestern of Shasta County to western Colusa County.

* WHEN...Through this evening.

* IMPACTS...Extreme and prolonged heat will significantly
increase the potential for heat related illnesses,
particularly for those working or participating in outdoor

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Local rivers and streams continue to run
fast. Water safety, including wearing a life jacket, should be
practiced when on and near the water.

This fire season has so far seen 5,762 wildfires, 204,481-acres burned, 78 structures damaged or destroyed, and zero fatalities.

NOAA, Los Angeles,
No let-up for Los Angeles, CA. Credit: NOAA
wildfires, california
Fires ravaging California. Credit: AP

State of Emergency


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