Will Inflation Kill Your Next Ski Vacation?

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It is no secret that inflation is running hot right now. The last inflation reading was the highest it’s been in 40 years and is expected to go higher before it goes lower. This begs the question: How will this affect your next ski vacation? 

The cost of your next ski vacation is going up. Credit: hiconsumption.com/

Just like the pandemic brought a rush of people into outdoor sports, it is also the cause of the supply chain issues affecting the current rise in prices. A recent Bloomberg article estimates the average U.S. household will spend an extra $5,200 this year due to rising prices.

Skiing is traditionally known as a sport for the middle to upper class, as costs were already high before recent price increases. With less disposable income, this means consumers will need to decide if a ski vacation is still worth the cost.

There is a multitude of expenses that go into planning a ski vacation. Lodging, airfare, lift tickets, food, lessons, and rentals are all considerations. Even if you plan to drive to your destination, the price of gas to fill up your tank could shock you. 

The Consumer Price Index is the highest it’s been in 40 years. Credit: nytimes.com

My guess is this won’t affect the die-hard skier as much. Season passes can still be a bargain and if you ski locally where you don’t have the cost of lodging and travel, then it is still economical. Add in packing your own brown bag lunch and you’ve got it made.

But what about the casual skier who takes a trip out West every year? Lodging and airline prices are way up. The resorts seem to price day tickets so high it almost makes you think the season pass is a better value if only you were skiing a few more days. Maybe these people will decide that a different, more cost-effective trip is a wiser choice. They may stay closer to home or choose a cheaper sport or activity.

So what about you? Will inflation keep you from enjoying the fresh mountain air, beautiful views, and the thrilling sensation of gliding on snow?

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