Will There Be A Hyperloop In Colorado? | The State Examines The Possibility

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Have you ever driven to the mountains from Denver or back on a weekend? The ride can be absolutely grueling with slow moving traffic that can take up to double or even triple the  normal time.

Hyperloop is the proposed solution to this congestion issue. According to Summit Daily, the proposed route will start near Denver International Airport, but where it goes from there is still up in the air. Some proposed routes are north to Greeley, south to Pueblo, and even west to Vail.  There still needs to be done tons of due diligence work regarding the shipment of the system.

Purposed Plan for the Hyperloop in Colorado. Credit: Summit Daily

The state report on the project put forth some interesting numbers. The total project would cost upwards of $24Bln. It could handle up to 45 million trips in 2040 and generate a whopping $2Bln a year in revenues!

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