Canadian Company Launches Midsole Made From Wine Corks, 2019/’20 Winter

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sole, cork, wine, footwear, corks
Cork as footwear? | Courtesy photo

Eco-conscious Canadian manufacturer, SOLE introduces a new midsole made from recycled wine corks.

sole, cork, wine, footwear, corks
ReCORK efforts at work. | Courtesy photo

As part of the winter ’19 collection, the midsole represents the company’s cork recycling initiative or ‘ReCORK,’ North America’s largest cork recycling network. To date, ReCORK has collected and repurposed over 100 million natural wine corks.

Additional refinements include:

  • orthopedic shaping
  • replacement of petroleum-based material with algae-based foam
  • odor-removing Polygiene treatment
  • natural rubber or rice rubber outsoles

SOLE indicates customer volume to number in the millions, while spokespersons emphasize environmental stability without compromise of comfort or performance.

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