Wingsuit Rodeo | This Is The Pinnacle Of Human Badassery

Matt Brennan |

As if skydiving, BASE jumping and other parachute sports weren’t badass enough…they had to go and invent the wingsuit rodeo. Further proof that people are indeed awesome is not necessary, the verdict is in.

A wingsuit rodeo is performed when a person rides the back of a flying wingsuit pilot. As seen in the above video, most are done while skydiving.

As seen in the below video, some have also been done while BASE jumping.

That looks scary as shit.

The examples so far have shown smooth execution…but as with anything else, success is not guaranteed. You can blow it hard trying to pull this off.

Not such a big deal when skydiving with plenty of time to recover, but screwing up a BASE jump exit under these conditions could be ugly.

Wingsuit Rodeo
Deploying straight from the sitting position looks crazy. Image: Jeb Corliss

PSA: This is for EXPERTS ONLY!

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