NOAA: With Meteorological Winter Officially Over, How Does the Sierra Snowpack Compare?

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Current SWE for California/Nevada. Credit: NOAA

We just wrapped up meteorological winter (Dec-Jan-Feb), so how do things compare climatologically?

Things were certainly drier than normal, with temperatures a bit warmer than the past 30-year averages.

Western Nevada Basin SWE percentiles of normal. Credit: NOAA

While the Sierra snowpack is below normal, interestingly, into north and north-central Nevada, basins are near to just above average. These areas have been getting precipitation from the atmospheric rivers that have pounded the Pacific Northwest this winter, while much of the Sierra and western Nevada have missed out.

Images show an infographic with climate stats, Sierra snow water equivalent (SWE) stats, and western Nevada Basin SWE percentiles of normal.

Climate stats. Credit: NOAA

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