VIDEO: Winter Park, CO Holds Annual ‘High Noon Duel’ | Watch the Craziness of Synchronized Snowboard Madness

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As the season draws to a close, The High Noon Duel has become a traditional annual event at Winter Park, CO advertised as ‘synchronized snowboard madness’.

This year’s event didn’t disappoint and once again featured teams of two and four battling it out on a course filled with banked turns, handrails, horse statues, the ‘decapitation station’ and the Duel’s signature hula hoop. While synchronization was the goal, 2018’s High Noon Duel definitely fell heavily on the side of crazy.

high noon duel, winter park, colorado
The ‘decapitation station’. Credit: Carl Frey

As is typical for April in Colorado, the weather didn’t co-operate, so after a few inches of thick snow had fallen on top of a rock-solid base the outcome was a course that was firm, unforgiving and ready to show little mercy on the boarders brave (or crazy) enough to tackle it.

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