Winter Park Resort, CO, Report: Winter Returns in Time for Spring Break

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winter park resort
Last sled to the Cirque. We took the ski patrol tow instead. Credit: SnowBrains

Report from Monday, March 7th, 2022

Today was a good day.

Today was the best day of my season so far.

One of those where you go out for a ‘couple of runs’ because you’ve work to do later but end up skiing more than six hours, bell to bell.

I guess I’ll be working tonight.

winter park resort
Eagle Wind pow! Credit: SnowBrains

Winter Park Resort reported 6″ overnight, on top of the 3″ that had fallen the previous 48-hours.

It was cold, but we didn’t care. Visibility up high was poor, but that was because it was snowing, so we didn’t care.

The snow today was perfect Colorado blower pow; soft and light. And way deeper in places than the 6″ reported.

When the conditions are this good, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be skiing.

winter park resort
Mary Jane bumps. Credit: SnowBrains

The bumps on Mary Jane were filled in soft pillows.

The trees on Vasquez were untracked. We floated through Gambler trees, Buckaroo trees, and Sundance trees in untracked fresh powder.

Eagle Wind was finally good; the base was covered up with boot-high powder offering fresh lines in the steep bumps and trees all day.

Belle Fourche was open. And it was good. It’s often sketchy in here, but when it’s good, it’s special. Today was special. Fresh tracks and face shots.

winter park resort
Snowing in the Cirque. Credit: SnowBrains

The Cirque was the Cirque. We made it there just in time as the gate was being closed. We took ten turns before the runout, but those turns were awesome. Slightly heavier powder, but still boot deep and fresh tracks on the South Headwall.

We even dropped into the halfpipe.

Today was a good day. And looking at the forecast, there are more days like this in the near future. With Spring Break looming, we’ll be sure to make the most of the empty slopes this week before the crowds flock in.

Ok, time to start work…


Current conditions. Credit: Resort


More coming. Credit: NOAA


winter park resort
Deep in the trees. Credit: SnowBrains
winter park resort
Pioneer trees. Credit: SnowBrains
Snowing in the Cirque. Credit: SnowBrains
Susie deep in the Cirque. Credit: SnowBrains
Belle Fourche looking splendid. Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains
Perfect Eagle Wind conditions. Credit: SnowBrains
Credit: SnowBrains
2021/2022 Season Winter Park/Mary Jane Trail Map
image: Winter Park Resort

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  1. Skied same areas at Winter Park Tuesday 3/8/22. Bloody cold up high but didn’t care as snow was glorious! Belle Forche was devine…

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