The Beer-Drinking Incentive at Winter Park Resort, CO

Breya Bergom | | Industry NewsIndustry News
Upslope Brewery’s Mary Jane Ale cans. PC: Winter Park Resort via Facebook

Recently, Winter Park Resort in Colorado teamed up with Upslope Brewing. Through the partnership, Winter Park is leading a contest through beer cans and QR codes that could allow the winner to utilize the gondola an hour before the resort opens for the public.

Upslope Brewing, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, is promoting its Mary Jane Ale. Upslope Brewing is the first brewery to can and sell the ale in a variety pack outside Winter Park Resort boundaries, according to Sky-HiNews.

The promotion, which goes on through December 31, is run through QR codes on the beer cans. Each can will feature a code that can be scanned on a phone. The code will allow guests to sign up and enter the competition.

The winner of the competition will get the ultimate reward: the first tracks on the mountain. Good luck!

The winner gets to experience the fresh tracks of Winter Park. PC: Winter Park Resort via Facebook

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