Winter Storm Is Headed For CO, UT, & WY | Up To 3 FEET of Snow For Colorado Through Friday

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PURPLE= Winter Weather Advisory. BLUE= Winter Storm Watch. Image: NOAA

A strong winter storm is on track to hit the West this week. Snow has already started to fall and it is expected to stick around through Friday.

Up To 3 FEET of snow is expected to fall in Colorado through Friday.

NOAA Has Issued A Winter Weather Advisory For:

  • Colorado
  • Utah

NOAA Has Issued A Winter Storm Watch For:

  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
7 day snowfall totals. Image: Tropical Tidbits
7 day precipitation totals. Image: NOAA

Snow levels could drop to valley floors, but most of the heavy snow accumulations will occur above 6000ft.

Additional Storm Information:

Strong storms are on tap. Image: NOAA Denver, CO
Heavy snowfall is expected. Image: NOAA Pueblo, CO

Colorado: Up To 3 FEET of Snow Wednesday-Friday

* SNOW ACCUMULATIONS...1 to 2 feet of snow expected with up to 3
  feet on favored east slopes, including Rocky Mountain National
- NOAA Pueblo, CO
Winter is making a comeback. Image: NOAA Salt Lake City, UT
The snow will have a large impact on Utah. Image: NOAA Salt Lake City, UT

Utah: 6-12″ of Snow Through Wednesday

* SNOW ACCUMULATIONS...6 to 12 inches by late Wednesday evening.
- NOAA Salt Lake City, UT
Travel impacts are expected in Wyoming. Image: NOAA Cheyenne, WY
Wyoming snow accumulations. Image: NOAA Riverton, WY

Wyoming: 10-22″ of Snow Through Thursday

* Snow Accumulation...10 to 22 inches across the northern
  Bighorn Mountains...6 to 12 over the southern portion of the
- NOAA Riverton, WY
6-10 day temperature outlook. Image: NOAA
6-10 day precipitation outlook. Image: NOAA

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