Residents of British Columbia Woke Up to an August Winter Wonderland Last Weekend

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canada, snow, British Columbia, bc, summer, winter
Residents woke up to an August Winter Wonderland. Credit: CBC

Residents in northeastern British Columbia woke up to a winter wonderland in August over the weekend. And while it’s not unusual for areas at elevation to receive snow in August, it was the amount that shocked local residents, writes CBC.

“It looks like February. The trees are completely covered,” said one resident. “It looks like Christmas, all that’s missing is the Christmas lights and the trees.”

These pictures were taken in Pink Mountain, around 3,300-feet above sea-level, and local weather forecasters estimate that there’s over 18-INCHES on the ground. Unfortunately there are no historical records available for this remote area, so we don’t know if it was a record breaking snowfall for this time of year. The highest recorded snowfall nearby Fort Nelson has received in August was 2″ of snow on August 27, 1991.

canada, snow, British Columbia, bc, summer, winter
Up to 18-inches fell in some higher elevation areas. Credit: CBC

As of Monday morning it was still snowing but the snow is not likely to last long as temperatures are expected to rise. This weekend’s snowfall was caused by a storm over the northern prairies that brought “very cold” arctic air in contact with moisture from Pacific.

According to Environment Canada, between 1981 and 2010, the average snowfall for August was less than a quarter of an inch in the northern BC community. 

canada, snow, British Columbia, bc, summer, winter
Winter driving conditions this weekend in northern BC. Credit: Twitter

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