VIDEO: Terrifying Moment Woman Almost Steps off Edge of Grand Canyon While Taking Photo

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A Texas woman was caught on video as she slipped and nearly fell off a cliff ledge while trying to take a picture of her mother at the Grand Canyon.

Emily Koford, 20, of Austin, Texas, was at Arizona’s Grand Canyon with mom, Erin Koford, on October 28 when the terrifying incident occurred. In the video, which was shot from a distance, Emily and her mother can be seen on the cliff, which doesn’t have any safety barriers around it. As Erin, standing several feet away from her daughter, makes a ‘come back’ motion with her arms, Emily can be seen taking a big step backward, while looking down at what appears to be a camera.

Just as her mother turns away, Emily takes a second, smaller step back and off the ledge, getting thrown off balance when her foot hits a lower ledge. Luckily, Emily pitches forward and is able to regain her balance by putting a hand down on the cliff surface. As the near-fall occurs, Erin, who has turned back around, can be seen throwing her hands up in shock.

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