UPDATE: 60-Year Old Woman Missing for 4-Days in California Wilderness Found Alive and Well

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missing, california, woman, disappeared
Sheryl Powell, 60
UPDATE: 07/16/19 – 23:00 PT: Sheryl Powell, 60, of Huntington Beach, CA, who was reported missing by her husband Friday afternoon at the Grandview Campsite near Bishop, CA was found alive Monday after four days of intense searching through rough and remote terrain. Her husband, Joe, said his wife and their dog went missing while he was moving their car, and called the police through a satellite phone after searching for her for an hour.

 “Challenges include multiple gullies, shale slopes, low shade, direct sun, and rattlesnakes,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Sheryl Powell was found by a search team near the Montenegro Springs area, not far from where her dog was found earlier Monday. Joe Powell said he was gone for no more than seven minutes to move his car when his wife went missing and began to suspect foul play as the search stretched on.

“Searchers describe her as resilient and strong but exhausted after being lost in an extremely remote area above Big Pine, California,” the sheriff’s office said. “Mrs. Powell was met at the Bishop Airport by ambulance and will be taken to the local hospital for medical clearance.”

Sheryl Powell, an experienced camper, disappeared with her dog from their campsite on Friday while her husband was moving their car. The 60-year-old hasn’t been seen since Friday around 1 pm near the Grandview Campground in the Huntington Beach, CA region.

Powell is described as 5-feet 3-inches tall and about 120 pounds. The dog is 5 pounds with black and white coloring.

missing, california, woman, disappeared
Grandview Campground

Powell’s husband said his wife went to take the dog for a bathroom break while he parked the car. After searching the area for about an hour, he called law enforcement for help.

Search and Rescue crews are looking for Powell by air and by ground.

In an impassioned plea, her son also put out a request for information on Facebook over the weekend too:

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  1. I have read a story of two women on a remote beach near Bodega Bay being attacked by a man with a rifle. The women were Bay Area film directors. They turned the tables on him with a wine bottle, took his rifle, and shot him. Totally pro-active, as you’d expect from indy film women. Unfortunately stalking and attacking in remote areas happens too often.

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