World Cup BoarderX, Argentina | 4 U.S. Athletes In Top 10

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World Cup Boardercross, Argentina, 9/10/17, Image: Cerro Catedral

Boardercross World Cup at Cerro Catedral Bariloche, Argentina finished up this weekend, September 10th, with 4 U.S. athletes in the top 10.


Womens, Overall:

1st = Linsay Jacobellis  

7th = Faye Gulini 

Mens, Overall:

3rd = Mick Dierdorff  

9th = Hagen Kearney

These athletes are on their way to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PeyoungChang, South Korea. 

Lindsay Jacobellis is from Stratton, Vermont. She won Silver in Boardercross at the 2006 Torino Olympics. And is a 10x XGames Boardercross Champion. She also won gold at the World Championship in Sierra Nevada, Spain 2017.

Faye Gulini is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her home mountain in Snowbird, UT. She competes on the U.S. Snowboard team in Boardercross, Slopestyle and Half-Pipe. She competed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as well as 2014 Sochi Olympics in Boarder Cross.

Women’s Team U.S.A. in Camo Pants out in front! Image: Cerro Catedral

Mick Dierdorff is from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He has been competing in Boardercross at XGames and the World Cup level since 2014/ 2015.

Hagen Kearney is from Telluride, Colorado. He has been competing at the world cup level since 2012 and XGames since 2014. In March 2017 he won Gold along with Nick Baumgartner in the Men’s Snowboard Team Cross at the FIS World Championships in Sierra Nevada, Spain.

FIS (International Ski Federation) Snowboard Cross Results:

Cerro Catedral, Argentina: World Cup Racing

Full List of Resuts: Men & Women

Mens Podium, 1. PULLIN Alex (AUS) 2. HAEMMERLE Alessandro (AUT) 3. DIERDORFF Mick (USA), Image: Cerro Catedral


Women’s Podium: 1. JACOBELLIS Lindsey (USA) 2. SAMKOVA Eva (CZE) 3. TRESPEUCH Chloe (FRA), Image: Cerro Catedral

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