Enduro World Series | 2013 Whistler Crankworx Photo Coverage

Eric Behn | CycleCycle

Photos by Chris Pilling | Words by Eric Behn

The fourth Enduro World Series took place in Whistler, Sunday on the third day of Crankworx festivities. The event which consisted of 5 timed descents accompanied by non-timed, yet limited climbs. The five stages wound throughout Whistler Mountain, Whistler Valley and through Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Though controversy over shuttle use in practice by Fabien Barel casted a shadow over the spirit of the event, when it came to race day, everyone raced the hard. A full day of racing took riders throughout the forests of B.C.’s West Coast in what was noted by many as a wonderful event of gruelling downhill sections and friendly uphill riding.

At the end of the day, Jared Graves who is currently ranked third overall came out on top with a time of 47 minutes and 57 seconds. Jerome Clementz placed second coming in just over a minute after Graves’ finishing time. Fabien Barel, who was suffered with a five minute penalty, finished in 49th place, without the penalty, he would have placed third.

On the women’s side, Anne Caroline Chausson took the win while Tracy Moseley took second and Cecile Ravanel third.

Top Of The World in Whistler is one of the most beautiful places to ride a bike.                  Chris Pilling Photo
Chris Addario takes his run through Top Of The World.                                                           Chris Pilling Photo
It wasn’t dry everywhere on course, some wet spots could be found.                                   Chris Pilling Photo
Trails crossed with streams giving the riders a welcomed cool splash.               Chris Pilling Photo
The dry trails up top caused for dry, loose conditions in some spots.                            Chris Pilling Photo
Luke Garside making his way through the final stage.                                                            Chris Pilling Photo
Duncan Riffle makes his way through the trees.                                                                        Chris Pilling Photo
Lukas Anrig had a top 10 finish. Here he shows us how to get loose in style.                    Chris Pilling Photo
Jared Graves sprinting into the finish line to take home first place.                                       Chris Pilling Photo
Jared Graves celebrates the win after a long day of riding.                                                    Chris Pilling Photo

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