World Telemark Day is This Saturday, March 2nd

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telemark in new snow
Tele turns in fresh powder. Credit: Telemark Colorado

Telemark tribe, are you ready for the festivus for the rest of us? This Saturday March 2nd is World Telemark day. This is your chance to meet and greet the other members of the tribe, demo some gear, and most importantly, prove that Telemark is not dead!

There will be meet ups and events all over the world:

Telemark Colorado is having a meetup at Eldora, CO

Bishop Bindings is holding an event at Beaver Creek, CO

22Designs is hosting a demo day at Alta, UT

Magic Mountain Ski Patrol is offering to help build your skills at Magic Mountain, VT

Östersund Telemark Club is hosting an event at Bydalen, Sweden

Afton Alps, MN

Mad River Glen, ME is offering lessons and is hosting a party

And there are bound to be other events that I did not hear about. So do a little research, find an event near you, and get out there and have some fun. No matter where you go this weekend be sure to tag any social media posts with #worldtelemarkday.

historic skiing
Knees to skis, some old school tele. Credit: Telemark Colorado

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