The World’s 100 Best Ski Runs:

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#97 = McConkey’s, Squaw Valley. 2011. photo:

CNN just ranked the top 100 ski runs on Earth.  Do we trust CNN?  John Stewart doesn’t, but maybe we can.  Even if this list isn’t dead on, it’s a least a start.  It’s kinda fun that both Snowbird and Squaw made the top 10.

Kill the Banker, Revelstoke.  2012.  photo:  Brian Schott

Kill the Banker, Revelstoke. 2012. photo: Brian Schott
To make sure the snow hounds among us get equal treatment to the beach bums, we asked some of the world’s top skiers, snowboarders and winter sports journalists to name their favorite ski run.
Our panel included Andrew Weibrecht, Olympic medalist and U.S. ski team member; John Stifter, editor at U.S. ski bible Powder magazine; Mike Douglas, the godfather of free-skiing and creator of the world’s first twin-tip ski; and Nicola Iseard, editor of the UK’s top ski magazine, Fall Line.
They helped us come up with this list of some of the world’s most exhilarating ski runs.
Difficulty evaluations for each run were provided by the respective resorts and reflect a mix of rating systems.
While the resorts of Europe and North America understandably dominated the list, the novelty factor of skiing in some of the world’s lesser known ski destinations resulted in a few less predictable recommendations. – CNN


#9 = The Palisades, Squaw Valley. photo:

The World’s 100 Best Ski Runs:

1. The Stash, Avoriaz, France

2. Dave Murray Downhill, Whistler, British Columbia

3. Ventina, Cervinia, Italy

4. Glen’s, Snowbird, Utah

5. Grand Solliet, Sainte Foy, France

6. Adrenalina, Valle Nevado, Chile

7. Skyward, Whiteface Mountain, New York

8. Cenidor, Marte and Mercurio, Las Leñas, Argentina

9. The Palisades, Squaw Valley, California

10. Olympia, Cortina, Italy

14. Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

21. The Wall, Kirkwood, California

23. Sparks Lane, Mount Bachelor, Oregon

26. Cornice Bowl, Mammoth, California

45. Paradise, Mad River Glen, Vermont

72. Crystal Ridge, Diamond Peak, California

81. Kill the Banker, Revelstoke, British Columbia

95. Chute 75, Squaw Valley, California

97. McConkey’s, Squaw Valley, California

See the full list of 100 here:

The World’s 100 Best Ski Runs:

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  1. Skied all of the runs in the US except
    WTH is Glen’s run at Snowbird??
    I’ve skied the bird a lot and never heard fo this one !

  2. “The Palisades run beneath the KT-22 lift allows for massive airs and huge lines off all the cliffs and down the steeps,” says Stifter.

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