World’s Tallest Artificial Climbing Wall Completed: Almost Ready For Send

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The first routes have now been completed on the CopenHill climbing wall

Copenhill, home to the world’s tallest artificial climbing wall. New Atlas

Amager Bakke waste incinerator plant, which is already home to Denmark’s tallest artificial ski slope (Copenhill), is now home to a world’s tallest creation. In November 2019 they completed construction of the world’s tallest artificial climbing wall, but the powers that be decided not to place climbing holds on the wall until after this winter had ended. The wall was supposed to open this spring to guests but has been delayed and the world is still awaiting a projected open date, hopefully soon!

The wall measures in at 262 feet tall and is comprised of 4 individual pitches. These pitches have sloped ledges for climbers to catch a breather, placed every 65ft. The natural ledges mimic where belay stations are typically placed in the outdoors. The lower parts of this wall contain mostly easier routes, increasing in difficulty as you gain altitude on this epic man-made monolith. Copenhill also has running trails as well as a rooftop bar to enjoy a tasty adult beverage to celebrate your summit of this grand accomplishment.

The routes have now been completed on the CopenHill climbing wall
Looking upward at the world’s largest artificial climbing wall | New Atlas

Climbing wall manufacturing giant “Walltopia” was slated 12,916 sq ft of climbing surface to work with, while careful not to offset the unique exterior of this incredible building. Walltopia did this by using Plexiglass and Fiberglass to let in natural light to the interior of the building, coinciding with the original construction of glass and stacked aluminum brick the building already possessed. Walltopia used 55 tons of steel to reinforce and maintain this climbable masterpiece against the cold danish winters.

As the home to a waste-to-energy power plant topped by an artificial ski slope, while featuring with running trails and a rooftop bar, the CopenHill facility in Denmark was already a particularly versatile space
Amager Bakke in Copenhagen, Denmark. New Atlas

Amager Bakke power plant which “Copenhill” sits atop, is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Amager Bakke serves primarily as a “W.T.E.” (waste-to-energy) power plant, converting 450,000 tonnes of waste into heat and electricity each year. Denmark possesses a suitable climate for winter sports but is lacking in natural mountain formations to utilize the snow and cold, hence the idea of creating this unique multi-purpose facility. On top of all that, they are helping make the world a better place by turning waste into useful resources. Vowing to become the world’s first Zero-Carbon-City by 2025, Go Denmark!

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