The Wrap Strap by Intuition Liners: Why Everyone Needs Them This Winter

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Intuition's Wrap Strap
Wrap Strap Photo: Intuition Liners Inc.

The wrap strap by Intuition Liners Inc. is the addition that every skier and rider needs to perform like a pro this winter. While most ski boots have a stock cuff strap, they tend to not do an adequate job when it comes to synching down the top of a boot for proper shin-cuff contact. The wrap strap is now here so you can get the most out of your gear.

Wrap Strap measurements
Numbered markings on the strap allow for precise tightening. Photo: Intuition Liners Inc.


Shin–cuff contact is critical for proper ski maneuverability. Now, with the wrap strap, it is easier than ever to get even pressure across the top of the boot without any uncomfortable pressure points on your shins or calves. Not only is the wrap strap great for in-bounds cruising, but it is also an essential part of your backcountry kit.

This innovative strap will help backcountry skiers find the elusive combination of a great walk mode and a stiff downhill mode. How is that possible? Unlike a common stock strap, the wrap strap can be tightened by pulling on the dual strap system in order for a tighter fit. This also provides a much more even tightness around the entire cuff. When ready to travel uphill simply loosen the strap. With the numbered markers on the strap, it is easy to return to the same exact tightness every single time.

Innovative strap
The wrap strap is meant to be pulled tight from both sides of the boot. This increases cuff stiffness while eliminating any pressure points. Photo: Intuition Liners Inc.


Installing the wrap strap on any hard plastic boot is simple and just takes a few minutes per boot. First, you will need to remove the existing strap. If your stock straps are attached with screws simply unfasten them and save the hardware. If your straps are riveted on you will need a drill and small drill bit to bore out the center of the rivet. Once the old straps are removed you are ready to upgrade to the Wrap Strap.

First, you will have to punch a hole through the straps with the provided nail punch. Before doing this make sure you have marked the correct spots to punch in the rear of the strap. Once you have the appropriate holes, insert the screws through the strap and into the boot. When the screws are tight you are locked and ready for adventure!

If you are worried about the ends of the strap getting caught on your pants or anything else, don’t worry, Intuition thought of that too. The wrap straps come with the option to install snag blockers. These small fabric strips can be cut to the correct length after the straps are installed. You while tightening the strap you determine the correct compression. Then the snag blocker will be placed in the gap between the end of the strap and the end of the velcro.


The wrap straps are normally mounted to the boot cuff with the provided hardware, but they don’t have to be. If there is no easy way to mount the strap to the rear of the boot then the strap can simply be tightened around the cuff. The handy silicone strips on the inside of the straps will provide enough friction to keep the wrap strap in place once synched tight.

Not only is the wrap strap a high-performance bootstrap, but it should also be an essential piece of equipment in your gear repair kit. While you might need a spare bootstrap in the backcountry it has a plethora of other uses. It can be modified to repair snowboard bindings, replace small webbing, or be part of your first aid kit in a pinch. The only limit to what the wrap strap can be used for is your imagination.

Wrap Strap Alternative color
The wrap straps also come in white. Photo: Intuition Liners Inc.

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  1. His name is Alex.
    This article isn’t about Head or Boosters in case you hasn’t noticed but congratulations on feeling the need to share something you know about other products.

  2. Got news for you Cameron. Head has been doing this in their raptor boots for years and booster has made awesome, aftermarket straps for at least the last 20 years. Put it between your cuff and your liner and you’re golden. This sounds like an advertisement for intuition who are just remaking stuff that’s been around for a while.

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