Wy-Daho Report: Wintery Dishes Still Being Served In The Tetons

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Season: NOT done yet! Photo: Powder Day Photography


Report from May 2nd thru 5th, 2022

Powder snow is still on the menu in the Teton Range.

In true keeping with the physical laws of the snow-universe, wherever operations close storms are soon to follow. And it’s been snowy in the Tetons ever since.

Clouds part and it’s ‘curtain up’ on a mighty spectacular stage. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Make no mistake, temps are creeping up and the wind (occasionally southerly these days) is blowing warm but doesn’t change the flat fact that powder-topped cream cheese keeps stacking, especially up high.

Skin-access in this part of the world is reasonable, comparatively, with ridge lines reached after a couple hours of honest walking. And there’s plenty of off-branching features by which to connect a seemingly endless array of zones. The Teton Range gets its snowy rep for a reason, after all.

Human-powered powder turns in the near future for these two. Photo: P.M.Fadden

Winds and visibility have played their own delicious version of ‘cat-and-mouse’ so lower zones have been the go-to when the soup’s been thick.

Up top, it’s the kind of wide-smile conditions that make the climb worth the effort. While not exactly ‘blower’ what’s fallen has been soft, smooth, and dry–for the first 12-24hrs anyway. And best of all, odds are strong that yours will be the sole track on the face.

Back at the car, you’ll likely find that sun, daytime temps, or both have done their part to warm the scene and slow things right the way down. But those early birds out there are finding goods as delightful as any to have fallen this season.

And the fantastic powder topping on this post-season cake:

…it’s meant to snow again through the weekend!


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