As The 2017 X Games Approach, The Selection Process Has Begun And Invitations Have Been Sent Out

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Stoke is super high...
Winter X is just a couple months away, stoke is high! Source; Shreddolls.

X Games is one of the biggest winter sports events in the world. The athlete competition is at an all time high along with the skill. To get an invitation to compete in such an event is extremely challenging and a huge honor.

Mad Steeze
Andreas Hatveit flipping out of the rail section during X Games 2014. Definitely one of the most stylish skiers to grace the competition and a huge contributor to the whole freestyle sport. Source; X Games ESPN.

The way the X Games invitation system works starts with the previous seasons podium finishers. Each person who placed on the podium in any venue is invited back to compete. Athletes that didn’t make the podium must be selected in order to receive an invitation, which is based upon skill from previous similar competitions, or prior X Games appearances, and the peoples choice.

Definitely deserves it
Fabian Bosch’s invite for last years competition. He will be returning for X Games Aspen 2017 as an invited athlete. Source; Perspactives.

A notable athlete who will be returning thanks to a tremendous effort and first place finish last year is Jossi Wells. Wells has been on the podium four times throughout his 10-years of appearances in both slopestyle and Superpipe, but never claimed the gold. After laying down a stylish and superb run, he managed to take the gold last year in Men’s Ski Slopestyle and will be headed to Aspen in January with Gus Kenworth and Oystein Braaten, the silver and bronze ski slopestyle finishers.

I'd be freaking stoked too!
Jossi Wells straight cheesing over his first gold medal run at X Games. Source; X Games ESPN

Another star athlete to return to the scene as an automatic invite is Women’s Snowboard Superpipe master Chloe Kim. Defending her 2015 gold medal at X Games in the superpipe, she stepped up and took it again in 2016 giving her back-to-back top spot X Games finishes. In the process, she managed to make history as the first athlete to score two gold medals before turning the age of 16. Keep an eye out for her runs as she battles the returning competition of silver medalist Arielle Gold and bronze medalists Cai Xuetong.

Absolutely huge
Chloe Kim with huge amplitude in the superpipe. Definitely points that boosted her to the first place finish. Source; X Games ESPN.

After taking a gap year, Snowmobile Freestyle returned to X Games and the competition was as fierce as the tricks were big. Joe Parson took the gold medal position with his signature Parsby Flip, a trick where the rider dismounts and remounts their seat in a backward position. Heath Frisby and Brett Turcotte will be joining Parson for X Games 2017, as the second and third place finishers from last season.

Stretched out
Joe Parsons laying it out for the crowd. That style and monstrous extension earns bonus points with the judges. Source; X Games ESPN.

Most of the competitors are well-known, while some are relatively new to the scene. One thing is for sure though and that is that it will be an awesome show at X Games Aspen 2017.

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