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The X Games Real Ski videos went off this year, as they always do. There are several firsts in this contest. The first woman to compete in a Real Ski event, Taylor Lundquist, absolutely slayed and set the bar high. This was also the first year without requiring that every shot had to be filmed in the streets, so there are several backcountry clips throughout the videos. This year’s Real Ski competitors have a variety of styles, backgrounds, and creativity. Be sure to watch all of the videos and then vote for fan favorite here!

Voting for fan favorite ends on Sunday, February 28th, and the winner will be announced on Monday, March 1st. The judged contest and Real Ski show will air on ESPN 2 on Sunday, February 28th at 11:00 AM ET/8:00 AM PT, where gold, silver, and bronze X Games medals will be awarded.

Alex Hall:

Alex Hall is progressing freeskiing in multiple ways through multiple X Games disciplines, video parts, and signature tricks. He holds 3 X Games Gold Medals (slopestyle, big air, and knuckle huck). It was no question that he was going to go all out and put out this jaw-dropping segment. His video speaks to his skiing, and this one is most definitely a contender for gold.

Tanner Hall:

At 37-years-old and more than 10 years older than all other competitors, Tanner Hall is still progressing in the sport he helped invent. The legend holds gold medals in every X Games Freeski discipline, competes on the Freeride World Tour, puts out award-winning video parts, and faces heinous injuries. After tearing his Achilles tendon in early January, he only had a handful of urban shots to provide – all of which are bangers. Much of the edit is filmed in the backcountry and shows how well-rounded of a skier Tanner is. The GOAT is proving he is nowhere close to retirement.

Lupe Hagearty:

In my opinion, Lupe brings some of the best style into this contest. He doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect, and every trick was stomped. From a ridiculously long S rail as the opener massive wall rides, Lupe’s Real Ski adds to the collection of jaw-dropping edits.

Taylor Lundquist:

Taylor Lundquist is the first female to compete in X Games Real Ski – and you can see why she was chosen. Taylor is progressing freeskiing through her technical trick choice, style, and video parts. Despite partially tearing her ACL in the middle of the competition, she came out with an intense Real Ski segment and is definitely a medal contender.

Ferdinand Dahl:

Ferdinand Dahl is not known for his street skiing, and this edit will change that. Ferdi just took home a silver medal at X Games Aspen 2021 in slopestyle. It is incredibly challenging to balance filming a Real Ski video and competing in professional freeskiing at the same time! Only a few Real Ski competitors throughout the years have been able to balance both successfully. Every trick was put to bolts; he had various spot choices, showed technical rail skills, and demonstrated his jumping abilities.

Alex Hackel:

Alex Hackel is the defending fan-favorite from 2020, and his edit once again raises the bar. Everything is his unique style, his unique music choice, and creative spot choice. Hackel is truly an artist and will likely be a medal contender and fan favorite contender. He is from Boston, MA, and took home a bronze medal in last year’s Real Ski videos.

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